Welcome to Moscow's newest neighborhood

Welcome to Woodbury...

...Moscow's newest neighborhood! Woodbury has been developed to be a walkable, bikeable, and liveable neighborhood that is able to cater to a anyone who wants to enjoy the simple things in life. Woodbury is built with timeless design, using the best of what we have learned through American and European architecture and city building. When you buy a in Woodbury, you buy so much more than a home - you are buying a slice of Moscow, and a life designed with you in mind.

Explore Phase One

...and learn more about what Woodbury has to offer

Cottages are smaller lots with smaller footprints. The cottages are generally located in a pocket neighborhood, surrounded by similar homes that all share a common green together.

Our garden lots are our regular family-sized homes on larger lots. These homes are 2,100 – 3,000 feet and give a mix of utility while keeping Woodbury’s charm.

Estate Lots are Woodbury’s largest lots that allow homeowners to enjoy and experience Woodbury’s neighborhood and charm without sacrificing size. These lots range from 9,000-18,000 square feet and homes up to 4,000 square feet.

Premier Lots are for sale at Woodbury which are prepared for your dream home. Woodbury’s flat lots and beautiful views of Moscow Mountain make these prime in-town lots that also come with the infrastructure of ongoing community development. Woodbury’s design team will ensure your house fits in well to the architecture of the neighborhood.

Neighborhood Businesses are meant to enhance social engagement and community at Woodbury by offering a place to grab a coffee or sit down for a quick bite with a friend.

Parks and Amenities are a main feature of Woodbury’s neighborhood. With several parks and green spaces, community members can enjoy several amenities like walking trails, outdoor fire pits, a pickleball court, Woodbury Pond, etc… These amenities are going to continue to be developed in each succesive phase.

Beautiful homes, detailed landscaping.

Woodbury seeks to elevate the design of your everyday life, providing quality and value.

A life well lived means more than square footage.

At Woodbury our focus is human-centered design that spans from the kitchen, down the trail and to the park. Good living is more than just square footage.

A neighborhood worth spending time in.

Parks, trails, amenities, neighborhood businesses, and easy access to Moscow Mountain and the Aquatics Center. Woodbury has it all in walking distance so you don’t have to spend your time in a car.

Something for everyone. Built to grow.

Woodbury is set to serve people at every stage of life. From young couples and big families to singles and empty nesters, this is the neighborhood for you.