Woodbury Village

A place to eat, shop, and play. A place you want to be.

About the Village

Woodbury Village will be a mixed-use neighborhood business zone of 15-20 lots at the heart of the Neighborhood surrounding Central Park in a horseshoe pattern with views of Moscow Mountain to the northeast. A number of townhomes will border the park as well creating a place to live, work, and play all in one.


The Villiage will play host to several small businesses and will become the cultural and social foundation for Woodbury. This will be the first neighborhood business zone in Moscow and will hope to include a coffee shop, grocery market, boutique shopping, a bakery, a bistro or pub-style eatery, a fine dining restaurant, Woodbury Inn, a gym, and more…


Mixed-use is important to the design of Woodbury as it provides community members a third place to go outside of home and work. Humans are social by nature and it is important to have an environment that caters to that aspect of our nature.


Additionally, including things like a grocery store and coffee shop, reduces the need for daily trips in the car, allowing people the opportunity to walk somewhere to satisy their daily needs rather than getting in the car to drive across town.

If you think you may be a fit for the local businesses coming to Woodbury, please reach out! We would love to connect and add you to the list of potential vendors.

More About the Neighborhood