The Idea

 Our goal is to create a new-urbanist community in Moscow that is noticed nationally for it’s design and execution.

New-urbanism is the school of thought in neighborhood design to take the best of all that we have learned from community development and neighborhood planning and create a walkable and human centric community that betters the life of residents and encourages community building. Woodbury is something different than what Moscow has seen in the past. It has the shady tree-lined streets of our favorite old neighborhoods along with beautiful homes, looping trails, quaint alleyways, mixed-use business zone with your favorite coffee shop and bistro, big parks, a little pond, shared firepits, and plenty of trails and walkways.

Woodbury was built off the idea that we have an opportunity to create something that can be beautiful, inspiring, and special for the residents of Moscow. This is where your kids will grow up and where you will watch your grandkids play in the park. Through better design, we have the opportunity to enhance everyday living as people work to build their lives, and we take that idea very seriously.

The Developer

Woodbury is developed by Wintz Company, a family-operated real estate development company that plans, designs, and builds residential and commercial projects across the Inland Northwest. After building in Bellevue and Pullman, Wintz Company is excited to be bringing a project to their home community of Moscow and helping the town grow in a beautiful and sustainable way. Wintz Company seeks to raise the bar for what is expected in home building through outstanding neighborhood design and execution. Creating better lives and human-centric environments.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Homes

The homes at Woodbury are thoughtfully crafted by our design team to cater to a large audience. Although floor plans are already set, there will be options to tailor your home to your desires with our finish design packages if you buy ahead of time! This will allow you to choose your flooring, countertops, and even cabinet color! In addition, if you are interested in more customization, there will be a handful of Woodbury’s premier Estate lots released for custom builds.

Cottage lots range from approximately 4,000 – 5,000 square feet.

Garden lots range from approximately 5,500 – 8,500 square feet.

Estate Lots range from approximately 9,000 – 18,000 square feet (0.25 – 0.4 acres).


Yes! If you are looking for an in-house tailored experience, reach out to our Head of Sales, Leah Clark, on our contact page and she will get in touch with you.

Get on our Interest List by way of our Contact Page. Write a message about what you are looking for and our team will be in touch!

Fully built-out, Woodbury will have more than 270 residential lots along with 5-10 neighborhood business lots. We are currently taking reservations for phase 1 lots and construction is getting underway spring 2023! Get on our interest list by way of our Contact page and tell us what you are looking for so that we can find you your dream home.

Yes, we are currently taking reservations on homes and custom lots! Inquire with our Head of Sales, Leah Clark, and she will answer any questions you may have and get you started!

Zero obligation, the interest list is simply to register for updates and stay in the loop with what is going on at Woodbury. The interest list will receive emails about design progress, sales cycles, VIP access to lot releases, etc. Make note why you are interested and tell us about what you are looking for!
The Neighborhood
Absolutely! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook at the username: @woodburymoscow or click on the social media icons at the bottom of the page for a direct link. We post fun updates, daily progress, and design insight to our social media. This is a great way to follow the process closely.

Neighborhood businesses within Woodbury is meant to bring community and economy to the neighborhood. These spaces will not be built for another few years and have not yet been contracted, but plans include things such as a coffee shop, restaurant, gift shop, gym, cowork space, etc. If you are interested in a neighborhood business space, get on our interest list by way of our Contact page and note “neighborhood business.” We will reach out with more information.

Woodbury does have an HOA. This HOA will keep the neighborhood looking new for years and years to come. It keeps up the community amenities such as the parks and trails and keeps your neighbor looking as good as you, which in turn helps maintain the value of your own home! Cottages will have a higher HOA as they front community green spaces, they will be upkept to your front door, no snow shovel or lawn mower needed! The Garden and Estate Lots will be a lesser HOA as each owner will maintain their own personal yard. There will be an option to opt into full maintenance for these larger lots as well. Woodbury HOA policy is being created; pricing is to be determined.

Things to Do

walk 1


Woodbury is a truly pedestrian focused community with a network of trials that run north/south and east/west as well as a series of parks, trials and treelined alleyways that run in concentric circles around the neighborhood.

cycling-track 1

Mountain Biking

Woodbury is all about Mountain Biking. Taking off from Woodbury you are a 10-15 minute warmup from Moscow Mountain and 60+ miles of world class biking trails.



We love pickleball and currently have plans for at least two courts to be added to Woodbury along with other parks and amenities.

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Dining & Shopping

Woodbury Village provides a block of neighborhood business full of dining and shops. While the business district won’t be built until Phase 2, Woodbury intends to have a bistro/pub, coffee shop, inn, grocery market, and other boutique stores. Reach out to leah@wintzcompany.com if you are interested in having your business at Woodbury.

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Woodbury is only a 5 minutes from Moscow Mountain and Idler’s Rest Hiking Area where residents can experience the beauty of Idaho’s Great Outdoors!

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